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Are You Having Trouble with Ants?

We’ve reached that time of year when ant infestations abound.

If you’re having trouble with ants in the house, the Protecta Pest Control Experts are here to help. Read on for tips on what you can do for yourself. Alternatively, use our contact form or give us a call on 07398 674 924, and we’ll eliminate them for you.

Why Call Protecta Pest Control for Your Ant Removal Problem?

We’ve been keeping homes safe from ants and other pests in Chesterfield for many years.

Protecta Pest Control is proud to be recognised as a Trusted Trader. We continually aspire to offer outstanding levels of service at all times. We are pleased to be part of the Derbyshire Trusted Trader Scheme.

Ant Species.

There are actually over 12,000 species of ants but in the United Kingdom, we generally only see, the Garden or Black Ants, Red Ants, also known as Fire Ants and Carpenter Ants.

Red Ants or Fire Ants.

Red imported fire ants are more hostile than other ant species and have a sting that is bearable for adults but very painful for children.  These ants and also their mound nests need to be avoided. If you’re out on a walk and spot a mound to sit on, check that it’s not harbouring an ants nest first. Red imported fire ants will build their nests in mounds of soil outdoors, in landscape areas or near a building’s foundation. They occasionally enter buildings through holes or cracks in walls and foundations.

If you see an ant you may not immediately realise the difference between a carpenter ant and any other type of ant. Carpenter ants are actually slightly bigger and have a heart-shaped head.  You’ll know you have carpenter ants when you see tiny piles of sawdust or dead ants lying around. You may even hear soft crunching sounds.

Carpenter Ants.

The carpenter ant is a pest that is often overlooked, but an ant infestation shouldn’t be taken lightly because it can cause serious damage.  When the weather starts to become warmer, carpenter ants go on the march. We’ve seen this problem many times in the Chesterfield area where we are well known for our ant control service. Carpenter ants need to be dealt with swiftly as they chew little tunnels through wood to make their nests. 

If you see an ant you may not immediately realise the difference between a carpenter ant and any other type of ant. 

Carpenter ants are actually slightly bigger and have a heart-shaped head.  You’ll know you have carpenter ants when you see tiny piles of sawdust or dead ants lying around. You may even hear soft crunching sounds.


Any sign of a Carpenter ant infestation means you need to call us as soon as possible. Colonies can hold thousands and even millions of ants for some species so the quicker we can provide the solution, the better.

Carpenter ants can cause expensive damage so don’t delay treatment.

How to Get Rid of Ants.

Garden or Black Ants are not believed to carry conditions but you still don’t want them tramping through your food or crawling on children. There is something about ants that feels a bit unclean. It’s certainly not nice when you’re sitting comfortably watching TV and you feel that tell tail tickle as one crawls up your neck.

Ants are clever and will travel a long way looking for food. They establish trails and then follow the chemicals that they have left to find their way back to the food source. Other ants can also follow that trail so you end up with a cluster. How many times do you come downstairs in the morning to find that someone has left a jammy knife by the sink ready to be cleaned and it’s covered in ants? 

ant on childs hand

Ants in the home.

If you have actually discovered a couple of ants sneaking right into your home, there are actions you can take yourself to help:

Ant Infestation Prevention.

  • To get rid of ants, watch very carefully to find where the entry points to your house are, and seal off the access points. If you can see the ant trails, slosh some white vinegar on them but be careful that it is not a surface that could be bleached by the vinegar.
  • Clear up any kind of sticky deposits on worktops as well as tables, because even small crumbs or sugar granules are good food sources for ants. You could use white vinegar to wipe down surfaces including floors. You can buy large containers quite cheaply. This not only kills ants but also repels them as they can’t stand the smell.
  • Conceal, do away with or firmly secure any type of foods that might attract the ants. Store food in airtight jars not bags with the top folded over.
  • If you use a compost bin in the kitchen, use one that has a lid that closes firmly. Just a small opening and those pests will find their way in.
  • Dispose of rubbish as soon as possible and clean up around the bin area. Open bin bags left on the floor are asking for ant problems.
  • Sweep up and mop. Any kind of food crumbs from under your kitchen appliances will keep ants happy. Ants are constantly looking for food resources and it just takes a couple of crumbs for them to notify their pals to aid and come.
  • It’s essential to keep pet food out of reach of ants. Even pet food is sweet enough for ants and is a food source for them.
ants in the home

Signs of Ants.

Ants suddenly appear when the weather gets warmer. Some homeowners get busy with the treatment straight away but that will only temporarily eliminate the ants. Ant trails leading from your house back to the nest have probably been formed long before you spotted them.

If you have actually seen a couple of ants scuttling around on the floor, they could be simply looking around or they could be the indicator of a bigger problem in your house or business. Call us for ant removal to deal with the problem right away.

Below are a couple of telltale indications of an ant problem to keep an eye out for:

Live Ants.

Live Ants are usually the first sign and if you see a few you can be sure that there’s a local colony.

Ant Pathways.

Ant Pathways – You may spot ant pathways in the house or outside. They are an additional indicator of a colony and ant infestation. Some types of ant will certainly lay down a pheromone path to a food resource. This chemical brings in other ants to discover the food.


Ants Nest – a nest site can appear like a little stack of dirt or dust. Some species of ant like to make their home in walls or various other silent, dark areas, which are more difficult for you to find.

Did you know

Ant Facts.

Ants come from the bug order Hymenoptera and there are more than 12,000 types of ants.

Each colony can hold up to half a million ants. If the nest is endangered all of the ants leave rapidly.

There are three types of ants in a colony.

Queen Ants.

The queen ant is the boss and is the only ant that can lay eggs. Worker ants can live for as much as seven years – while a queen can live for up to 15 years. Ant colonies can have one or many queens depending on the species. Once the queen dies, the colony dies out.

Worker Ants.

The worker ants are females. If you see ants they are likely to be worker ants laying trails from the nest to the sweet food. They also take care of the queen and the young ants and deal with conflict in the colony.

Male Ants.

Male ants are there to mate and die soon after.

Flying Ants.

The male ants and the queen have wings. When it’s time to breed, the queen and males will fly off to find a new colony. Once they have built a new colony, they shed their wings.

flying ant

Are Ants Dangerous?

The best way to get rid of ant infestations is to get in touch with the ant control experts, and we’ll make sure the infestation is removed properly with our ant removal treatment process.

If you want to eliminate the pests yourself, here is our advice.
There are proprietary ant sprays and insecticide treatments on the market that will kill ants but be careful that they do not contain a chemical that will also kill bees or damage the earth you may want to grow in. Try natural remedies and treatments to get rid of ants that are not toxic to the environment, pets or family.
Try to identify where the ants are coming from. Look for cracks in walls and seal them off.
For a minor ant infestation treatment, soak a sponge in sugar water and leave it by the trail for a day. Shake off the dead ants and resoak in the sugar solution. Repeat this until there are no dead ants.
For cleaning surfaces in the kitchen, fill a spray bottle with vinegar and water and wipe down regularly.
When it comes to ant removal, our Professionals understand what’s what. They are more likely to spot the entry points and find a trail that leads back to the colonies. Naturally, all of our treatments including ant removal, are free from insecticide and safe for pets and the family.
For the best way to get rid of ant infestations, call Protecta Pest Control Chesterfield on 07398674924 or contact us via our contact form

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