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Hygiene Fogging Treatment.

Fogging treatment Chesterfield –  Hygiene & Pest Control in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. Protect your staff and visitors by keeping your premises meticulously clean.

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Hygiene fogging in Unit 1 Gym Chesterfield
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All of the pest control solutions we use are safe for humans and pets so no need to worry.

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As animal lovers, we deal with pests in the most humane way possible under the circumstances.

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Fogging Treatment Chesterfield

Keep your staff and visitors safe. Book an antibacterial deep clean of your premises.

Whether you would like to be proactive in taking preventative measures or you need to decontaminate following a suspected or confirmed case of COVID 19, our hygiene fogging service will make sure that your building does not harbour the virus.

What is Hygiene Fogging?

Fogging is a disinfectant process that uses an antiviral solution to clean and sanitise large areas of a building. It eliminates viruses and other biological agents in the air and on surfaces.

The antiviral disinfectant is sprayed in a fine mist and is left to evaporate. We usually undertake this in the evening so that the disinfectant can evaporate overnight.


Our Fogging Machines Ensure the Most Hygienic Results.

To ensure the best results, our experts use the most efficient fogging machines. This ensures that every surface, nook and cranny is thoroughly decontaminated.

Naturally, health and safety are of prime concern so we ensure that all of the products that we use are safe for people and animals.

We conduct fogging treatment in a wide variety of buildings including schools, gyms, doctors, dentists, factories and offices.

To arrange a quotation, please call 07456 398095.

We are happy to arrange a one-off deep clean or a regular treatment plan.

See our Pest Control Pricing Page.



Protect Against COVID 19.

With more people returning to work and their normal lives, it becomes more important to keep your premises as clean as possible.

As a business owner, you have a duty of care to keep your staff and customers as safe as possible from contracting coronavirus.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve done your best to protect the people you are responsible for. We’ll undertake thorough sanitisation with fogging machines including all those hard to reach and easy to miss areas such as keyboards, light switches and radiators, leaving your premises completely clean, sanitised and looking and smelling fantastic.

For more information on our hygiene treatment services, or to get started today, feel free to give us a call on 07398 674924 for friendly, honest and reliable advice.

Fast Effective Treatment

Safe for Humans & Pets

Booked at a TIme to Suit You

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Regular Fogging at Martial Arts Centre.

Some of the images on this page are from the Unit 1 Martial Arts & Fitness Centre in Chesterfield. The safety of their members and students is paramount so we undertake hygiene fogging regularly. 

Our times are flexible so we are able to undertake cleaning when the premises are empty. While the chemicals we use to deep clean your premises are safe, it is still essential that the building is empty when we undertake the fogging. By time the customers or staff return, the air should be clear.

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