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Pest Control for Wasps in Chesterfield.

Nobody wants wasps getting into their home or taking over their garden in the summer months when trying to enjoy the sun – which is why it’s wise to get the problem dealt with as soon as you notice it.

Always call in a professional with the experience and knowledge to do the job right. Taking on the task yourself without the right protective equipment can be dangerous as wasps often become aggressive when they feel threatened. It also definitely isn’t worth the risk if you have, or may have, an allergy to wasp stings as this could be a life-threatening mistake to make!

Want to find out more about our wasp nest treatment services, or book in today? Call us on 07398 674 924 for honest and professional advice.

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Mole Control Services.

You may think of moles as harmless creatures and you might even enjoy seeing the hills they create when you’re out in the countryside, but your opinion is likely to change when they’re destroying your garden and preventing the roots you spent so long planting from growing. In fact, a single mole digs an average tunnel of 200 metres long, and can therefore cause significant damage to your property and outdoor space.

Whether it’s a domestic, commercial or public space the moles are in, it’s wise to get the problem sorted sooner rather than later, as the more damage created; the more money and time it’s going to cost to repair what has been done. As soon as you spot mole hills appearing around your property, you should call in the professionals to sort the problem before it worsens!

For more information on our mole control services and pest control Chesterfield, or to get started today, feel free to give us a call on 07398 674924 for friendly, honest and reliable advice.

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Rat Prevention and Removal

Why Use Rat Control Services?

If you see or suspect you have a rat in your home, then chances are they are not alone – and they will likely breed if not dealt with quickly, causing you an even bigger problem. Not only do rats leave dropping in your home and get in your cupboards and even in your food, but they are also very unhygienic and can spread disease.

For commercial properties, this could cause more than slight concern for the wellbeing of yourself, your staff and your customers. Having rats in your business premises could damage your reputation and even lead to legal action if the infestation means you fail to comply with legislation (such as restaurants and shops selling food products).

As soon as you notice signs that rats are in your property, bring in the professionals to deal with the problem effectively the first time around. Call us today on 07398 674924 to find out more about our rat control services and pest control Chesterfield.

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cockroach on a cup

Cockroach Control for Homes and Businesses.

Not only are cockroaches a health hazard if you’re running a restaurant, hotel, or any other establishment where food is prepared or sold – but the sight of cockroaches can also severely damage your reputation with customers. Even though cockroach infestations are more down to bad luck than bad hygiene, if people see cockroaches they are likely to put the blame on you.

Only a professional pest control investigation can identify the extent of a cockroach infestation and root out their hidden homes. You might manage to kill a few cockroaches with shop-bought poisons and insecticides; but without attacking them at their source, their rapid breeding rate means they’ll replenish their population in no time.

Our cockroach treatment involves a site inspection, monitoring of the infestation, residual insecticides and hormonal gels for long term extermination and population control.

To find out more about our cockroach control services or to get booked in with us today, give us a call on 07398 674 924 for friendly and professional advice.

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Why Use Professional Mice and Rodent Control Services?

Mice enter homes because they find them to be warm, safe and a good source of food. While you can do a great deal to minimise potential routes into your home, the smallest holes and openings can provide access. With this in mind, one of the first things we do is identify entry points and seal them using mesh, wire-wool and other fillers to prevent further infestation, before taking care of the mice within your home using traditional trapping methods.

To find out more about our mice control services and pest control Chesterfield, or to get booked in with us today, give us a call on 07398 674 924 for friendly and professional advice.

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Protect Against COVID 19.

With more people returning to work and their normal lives, it becomes more important to keep your premises as clean as possible.

As a business owner, you have a duty of care to keep your staff and customers as safe as possible from contracting coronavirus.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve done your best to protect the people you are responsible for. We’ll undertake thorough sanitisation with fogging machines including all those hard to reach and easy to miss areas such as keyboards, light switches and radiators, leaving your premises completely clean, sanitised and looking and smelling fantastic.

For more information on our hygiene treatment services, or to get started today, feel free to give us a call on 07398 674924 for friendly, honest and reliable advice.

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Man hoovering under the bed to try and deal with bed bugs

Bed Bug Treatment  Chesterfield

Bed bugs are commonly associated with a lack of cleanliness but, in fact, are found in the most pristine of homes. Bed bugs can thrive anywhere, and as people travel around, these bedbugs can hop onto anything to hitch a ride. Fast bed bug treatment is essential for these fast-breeding critters.

They can remain happily undetected on clothes and bags while you travel around.

Bedbugs feed on blood from humans and warm-blooded animals. It’s hard to get rid of bedbugs as they are tiny and can hide away in the smallest of crevices.

Bedbugs are an increasing issue in student accommodation, care homes, and apartments. Once established, they can move easily between rooms.

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Flea bites on ankles

Our Flea Control Treatments.

Our pest control experience has taught us that a single application of insecticide may not be enough as there are some cases where fleas can survive spraying, cleaning and aerosol bombing. In these circumstances, additional treatments will need to be carried out until the infestation is removed.

Control measures must be directed at the brood as well as the adult fleas. Insecticides can be used to treat infested premises and protect them from re-infestation.

In circumstances where other pests such as rodents have been identified as the source of a flea infestation, we will need to treat the rodent problem alongside our flea control treatment.

To find out more about our flea control services or to get booked in with us today, give us a call on 07398 674 924.

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