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Taking Care of Your Wasp Nest Removal Needs.

We know that wasps are a nuisance but you can’t deny that the nests that they create are an incredible feat of nature.

The wasps chew wood pulp and combine it with their saliva to make a nest with papery walls. It’s difficult to imagine how many tiny wasp nest mouthfuls it would take to make a nest.

They start off the size of golf balls in the spring and grow through the summer as the number of wasps increases.

Wasp nest in roof
Wasp nest in roof

Where are Wasp Nests Built?

Nests are usually built in sheltered spots that offer easy access to the outside world, like under eaves, in bird boxes, in dog kennels and sheds. If you look for where there is wood, you may even see signs as shown in this picture where the wasps are taking tiny bites out of the wood.

These two nests were removed from separate Chesterfield properties this week. It’s even more difficult to try to remove wasp nests yourself when they are in a confined space. One was in a horse feed store and the other in a shed.

It was obvious that there was a wasp nest in the shed because of the number of wasps buzzing around the door which wasn’t fitted tightly.

Professional Wasp Nest removal.

As amazing as nature is wasp nests are an annoyance, and potentially hazardous. They don’t have to be. We offer professional removal services that will get rid of your wasp nest problem for good. Our team is trained and equipped with all the necessary tools to safely remove any wasps from your property.

In the meantime, do not poke at an active wasp nest in the hope of dislodging it. You may only succeed in aggravating them. If you’ve been stung by a wasp before you know how painful that can be.

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The Difference Between Wasps and Bees.

Knowing whether you need professional wasp nest removal services will require that you know the difference between wasps and bees. Of course, when talking about bumblebees, it’s pretty obvious as they’re a completely different shape and they’re very slow and well…bumbling – hence the name. However, there are species of bees that are very similar to wasps to the untrained eye.

Whilst certain bees are a similar shape to wasps, it’s the black and yellow abdomen colour markings that are more distinctive on a wasp. Whereas a bee, tends to have a similar, yet more non-descript yellowish brown colouring on its abdominal section. Bees are most often much less aggressive too, perhaps because they can only sting you once before they die.

Bee on a flower
Wasp on a flower

In England it is usually quite clear. Bees are rounder and, we think, friendlier looking. They’re a little fluffier and soft looking. They are passive and will go about their business unless threatened.

Wasps have a definite waist and the yellow is more distinct.

For Bees call the Derbyshire Beekeeepers Association and for wasp nest removal in Dronfield, Chesterfield and Sheffield, call your friendly local pest control experts.

Wasp nest removal by professional pest controllers is not expensive so it’s not worth trying to do it yourself and risking harm to yourself or others, especially if someone may be allergic to the sting.

No call out fee. Usually, we have a brief chat, confirm the price and carry out the pest control services there and then. If you are calling about wasps, please be sure they are wasps and not Bees. We cannot remove bees and charge £34 for a call out if we find they are bees.

For all pest control Chesterfield and Sheffield call Gregg on 07398 674 924

Where are Wasp Nests Found?

Wasps nests can be tricky to find. We usually think of them hanging in plain site under the eaves or in trees. These wasps had managed to find an unsealed gap in the jacussi housing and made themselves at home.

Wasps can make their nests anywhere, even in the engine of a car or in the wheel arch if it stays still for a while. Anything that is static – an unused push chair, garden toy, trampoline, can be used as a place to build a wasps nest.

Generally they like somewhere sheltered but with easy access to the outside.

Wasp nest uner a jacuzzi

Wasp Nest in the Cat House.

These cheeky wasps made their home in the cat house. You can be sure that the cat wouldn’t have been happy about that.

When the queen bee starts to build the nest in the spring, the nest starts off small so can remain undetected for a while. It’s only the size of a golf ball. By summer the nest can be quite large and contain thousands of wasps, so it’s worth dealing with them as early as possible.

If you suspect a wasp nest, try to watch where the wasp returns too. This is easier in the summer when there are more wasps returning to the nest.

Wasp nest in the cat house

Ground Wasp Nests.

Are you seeing lots of wasps but no sign of a nest?

The traditional picture of a wasp nest is one that hangs from a tree branch or eave. Wasp nests can be found in a variety of places, but they’re most often found underground like this one, pictured, that we removed recently.

They are not always visible but there are signs to look for.

Underground wasp nests have a distinctive look that separates them from ant colonies. Ground wasp nests have a small, conical pile of dirt with a large hole in the centre where the wasps enter. It’s not uncommon to find several close together and it’s important to note that these pests are attracted to sweet foods like fruit or sugar water. 


If you’ve seen wasp activity around your house but can’t find the nest, then these pests might be nesting underground, and you should call Protecta Pest Control Services for help as soon as possible.

We’ll come out and remove any ground-nesting wasps so you don’t need to worry about being stung again! Call 07398674924 today for fast service at an affordable price.

Contact our office now if you suspect there may be an underground nest near your property. We’ll take care of everything else.

How Not to Carry Out Wasp Nest Removal.

During our many years in the wasp nest removal business, we have seen all kinds of things that our customers have tried before calling us and we can tell that there are some things you absolutely shouldn’t do. Believe it or not, some people try and set fire to outdoor nests, which will work, as wasp nest material – chewed up wood pulp – can be extremely flammable, however, it can make it hard to control the burning.

Whilst you will likely destroy the nest in this way, it does take a few minutes, meanwhile, the air will be thick with angry wasps looking for something or someone to attack. The same goes when trying to soak the nest with water, which may suffocate some of the wasps, but then you’ve got the same issue with wasps trying to defend themselves.

Even worse, you might find that the fire burns a little too quickly and catches on the shed or worse, your house.

In truth, the only truly safe to remove wasps way is to call in the professionals pest control services.

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Protecta Pest Control Services.

The Trusted Name For Pest Control and Wasp Nest Removal Chesterfield.

If you discover an active wasp nest in your roof space or anywhere else on your property, don’t try nest removal yourself. Protecta Pest Control has the expertise, experience and knowledge to take care of the problem with the minimum of fuss. As a Local Trusted Trader and a company with many Google 5 Star Reviews, we are the go-to choice for customers in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas including Matlock, Darley Dale, Eckington, Clay Clay Cross, Beighton and Crystal Peaks.

You can find out more about us and what we do by visiting our pest pricing page where you’ll see that we offer wasp nest removal work fully guaranteed for the low price of just £64.00. Alternatively, to book an appointment or for advice on your pest control requirements, give us a call today on 07398674924.

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