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Moles can massively impact the aesthetic of your land and dig extremely deep holes in the ground. Therefore, if you are an avid gardener or own a business which requires a certain level of upkeep, effective mole control solutions are essential. At Protecta Pest Control, we can implement successful mole removal and keep your property looking beautiful.

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Mole Pest Control

Moles (Talpa Europaea) are the only mammal that lives completely underground. It is estimated that there are currently 35-40 million moles in the UK. Weighing in at almost 70-100g, the mole is a small creature which is silver, grey or black in colour. These pests will mainly eat earthworms and spend most of their life underground.

Why Are Moles Bad? 

Moles dig into the ground using their front paws. However, due to their bad eyesight, they use their whiskers and snouts to navigate. This is why mole activity is more common underground because they are extremely sensitive to light.

These little creatures are incredible workers and can travel almost 200 metres daily. The soil works through the mole’s body, building up behind it. Once a significant amount of dirt has collected behind the mole, it will travel backwards to push this to the surface. These tunnels and molehills can negatively affect the growth of your grass, leading to a deterioration of pasture.

Your flower beds, plant roots and vegetable patches can also suffer due to excessive mole tunnels, which can dry the soil out. In addition to the visible implications, moles can also bring stones to the surface, which could damage expensive mowing equipment.

Moles dig both deep and shallow tunnels, which could cause injury. If you have a commercial property, sports field or school playground, these shallow tunnels and molehills can be hazardous and cause someone to roll over their ankle. Ankle injuries can be extremely painful, and visitors may negatively perceive your business moving forward.

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How Protecta Pest Control Can Help

At Protecta Pest Control, we will provide a professional and efficient service to solve your mole problem, and our method of choice is trapping. In our extensive 40+ years of experience, we know that trapping is the most effective way of controlling your mole issue. It is the most successful, environmentally friendly solution compared to mole poison or gassing. This trapping treatment will ensure you do not have decaying moles on your land, which can lead to flies or maggots. Your infestation will be completely eliminated the first time around in the most pain-free and humane way possible.

We specialise in domestic and commercial mole control solutions throughout the Chesterfield and Sheffield area. Contact your local mole control expert at 07398674924 and receive your free quote!

Mole Control In Chesterfield

Although moles are considered harmless, they can lead to costly repairs and remedial work. We have catered for many sites, including domestic gardens, business premises, fairways and sports grounds. The longer you leave this infestation, the more holes and damage you will incur. This can also negatively impact your business if you specialise in events such as weddings, as your land needs to be kept in pristine condition.

As soon as you spot mud hills on your property or a mole in the garden, you should call in the professionals to implement essential mole control solutions.

How To Get Rid Of Moles 

If you would like to enforce mole deterrents for your land, try planting marigolds, alliums and daffodils, as these are toxic to moles. This is one of the safest mole-repellent options, especially if you have young children who play in your garden.

In addition, having a pet, such as a dog or a cat running around and preying on smaller animals can persuade moles to tunnel elsewhere. You can also try watering your garden less frequently, as this will dry the soil out. If your soil is dry, there will be fewer earthworms for the moles to feed on, which is their primary food source. 

Although these methods can provide some protection, they are not 100% effective. Therefore, if you find moles still living on your land, calling in the experts is the best way to tackle your mole infestation. Contact us today at 07398674924 for your free quote on implementing successful mole control solutions on your property.

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